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We supply spare parts, service & repair the following appliances

Admiral Clothes Dryer Admiral Washing Machine
Admiral Fridge Admiral Freezer
Admiral Refrigerator AEG Clothes Dryer
AEG Washing Machine AEG Cooktop
AEG Wall Oven AEG Range
AEG Stove AEG Microwave Oven
AEG Rangehood AEG Vacuum Cleaner
AEG Air-conditioner AEG Fridge
AEG Freezer AEG Refrigerator
AEG Dishwasher Aqua Vac Vacuum Cleaner
Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner Black & Decker Can Opener
Black & Decker Deep Fryer Black & Decker Electric Knife
Black & Decker Food Processor Black & Decker Frying Pan
Black & Decker Hand Blender Black & Decker Hand Mixer
Black & Decker Kettle Black & Decker Mixer
Black & Decker Rice Cooker Black & Decker Steam Iron
Black & Decker Sandwich Press Black & Decker Sandwich Toaster
Black & Decker Slow Cooker Black & Decker Toaster
Bosch Clothes Dryer Bosch Washing Machine
Bosch Cooktop Bosch Wall Oven
Bosch Range Bosch Stove
Bosch Microwave Oven Bosch Rangehood
Bosch Hot Water System Bosch Vacuum Cleaner
Bosch Air-conditioner Bosch Fridge
Bosch Freezer Bosch Refrigerator
Bosch Dishwasher Bendix Clothes Dryer
Bendix Washing Machine Bendix Cooktop
Bendix Wall Oven Bendix Range
Bendix Stove Bendix Microwave Oven
Bendix Rangehood Bendix Dishwasher
Braun Can Opener Braun Deep Fryer
Braun Electric Knife Braun Food Processor
Braun Frying Pan Braun Hand Blender
Braun Hand Mixer Braun Kettle
Braun Mixer Braun Rice Cooker
Braun Steam Iron Braun Sandwich Press
Braun Sandwich Toaster Braun Slow Cooker
Braun Toaster Braun Electric Shaver
Braun Hair Dryer Braun Hair Curler
Braun Hair Clipper Braun Toothbrush
Chef Cooktop Chef Wall Oven
Chef Range Chef Stove
Chef Microwave Oven Chef Rangehood
Davey Pond Pump Davey Water Pump
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Daewoo Vacuum Cleaner
Dishlex Dishwasher Dux Hot Water System
Electra Air-conditioner Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner
Fisher & Paykel Clothes Dryer Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine
Fisher & Paykel Cooktop Fisher & Paykel Wall Oven
Fisher & Paykel Range Fisher & Paykel Stove
Fisher & Paykel Microwave Oven Fisher & Paykel Rangehood
Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Fisher & Paykel Air-conditioner
Fisher & Paykel Fridge Fisher & Paykel Freezer
Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Fridigaire Fridge
Fridigaire Freezer Fridigaire Refrigerator
Fujitsu General Air-conditioner
General Electric (GE) Clothes Dryer General Electric (GE) Washing Machine
General Electric (GE) Cooktop General Electric (GE) Wall Oven
General Electric (GE) Range General Electric (GE) Stove
General Electric (GE) Dishwasher Gorenge Pacific Clothes Dryer
Gorenge Pacific Washing Machine Gorenge Pacific Fridge
Gorenge Pacific Freezer Gorenge Pacific Refrigerator
Goblin Vacuum Cleaner Goldstar Washing Machine
Hardi Hot Water System Hoover Clothes Dryer
Hoover Washing Machine Hoover Dishwasher
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Fridge
Hoover Freezer Hoover Refrigerator
Hitachi Washing Machine Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner
Hitachi Air-conditioner Hitachi Fridge
Hitachi Freezer Hitachi Refrigerator
Ignis Clothes Dryer Ignis Washing Machine
Inglis Clothes Dryer Inglis Washing Machine
Inderset Dishwasher
Kambrook Can Opener Kambrook Deep Fryer
Kambrook Electric Knife Kambrook Food Processor
Kambrook Frying Pan Kambrook Hand Blender
Kambrook Hand Mixer Kambrook Kettle
Kambrook Mixer Kambrook Rice Cooker
Kambrook Steam Iron Kambrook Sandwich Press
Kambrook Sandwich Toaster Kambrook Slow Cooker
Kambrook Toaster Kambrook Bug Zapper
Kelvinator Washing Machine Kelvinator Air-conditioner
Kelvinator Fridge Kelvinator Freezer
Kelvinator Refrigerator Kleenmaid Clothes Dryer
Kleenmaid Washing Machine Kleenmaid Cooktop
Kleenmaid Wall Oven Kleenmaid Range
Kleenmaid Stove Kleenmaid Microwave Oven
Kleenmaid Rangehood Kleenmaid Fridge
Kleenmaid Freezer Kleenmaid Refrigerator
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
LG Electrics Clothes Dryer LG Electrics Washing Machine
LG Electrics Cooktop LG Electrics Wall Oven
LG Electrics Range LG Electrics Stove
LG Electrics Microwave Oven LG Electrics Rangehood
LG Electrics Dishwasher LG Electrics Vacuum Cleaner
LG Electrics Air-conditioner LG Electrics Fridge
LG Electrics Freezer LG Electrics Refrigerator
Malleys Clothes Dryer Malleys Washing Machine
Malleys Cooktop Malleys Wall Oven
Malleys Range Malleys Stove
Malleys Microwave Oven Malleys Rangehood
Malleys Dishwasher Malleys Fridge
Malleys Freezer Malleys Refrigerator
Maytag Clothes Dryer Maytag Washing Machine
Meile Clothes Dryer Meile Washing Machine
Meile Cooktop Meile Wall Oven
Meile Range Meile Stove
Meile Microwave Oven Meile Rangehood
Meile Dishwasher Meile Vacuum Cleaner
Meile Fridge Meile Freezer
Meile Refrigerator Mitsubishi Vacuum Cleaner
Mitsubishi Air-conditioner Moulinex Vacuum Cleaner
National Washing Machine National Microwave Oven
National Dishwasher National Vacuum Cleaner
National Air-conditioner National Fridge
National Freezer National Refrigerator
NEC Air-conditioner NEC Fridge
NEC Freezer NEC Refrigerator
Niagara Therapy Hand Unit Niagara Therapy Rolla-ssage Chair
Niagara Therapy Recliner 2000 Series Chair Niagara Therapy Automatic Adj. Bed
Niagara Therapy Therapy Bed Norge Clothes Dryer
Norge Washing Machine Norge Fridge
Norge Freezer Norge Refrigerator
New World Clothes Dryer
Onga Pond Pump Onga Water Pump
Palsonic Microwave Oven Panasonic Washing Machine
Panasonic Microwave Oven Panasonic Dishwasher
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic Air-conditioner
Panasonic Fridge Panasonic Freezer
Panasonic Refrigerator Phillips Vacuum Cleaner
Phillips Air-conditioner Phillips Fridge
Phillips Freezer Phillips Refrigerator
Phillips Can Opener Phillips Deep Fryer
Phillips Electric Knife Phillips Food Processor
Phillips Frying Pan Phillips Hand Blender
Phillips Hand Mixer Phillips Kettle
Phillips Mixer Phillips Rice Cooker
Phillips Steam Iron Phillips Sandwich Press
Phillips Sandwich Toaster Phillips Slow Cooker
Phillips Toaster Phillips Electric Shaver
Phillips Hair Dryer Phillips Hair Curler
Phillips Hair Clipper Phillips Toothbrush
Philips Vacuum Cleaner Philips Air-conditioner
Philips Fridge Philips Freezer
Philips Refrigerator Philips Can Opener
Philips Deep Fryer Philips Electric Knife
Philips Food Processor Philips Frying Pan
Philips Hand Blender Philips Hand Mixer
Philips Kettle Philips Mixer
Philips Rice Cooker Philips Steam Iron
Philips Sandwich Press Philips Sandwich Toaster
Philips Slow Cooker Philips Toaster
Philips Electric Shaver Philips Hair Dryer
Philips Hair Curler Philips Hair Clipper
Philips Toothbrush
Remington Electric Shaver Remington Hair Dryer
Remington Hair Curler Remington Hair Clipper
Remington Toothbrush Rheem Hot Water System
Ronson Can Opener Ronson Deep Fryer
Ronson Electric Knife Ronson Food Processor
Ronson Frying Pan Ronson Hand Blender
Ronson Hand Mixer Ronson Kettle
Ronson Mixer Ronson Rice Cooker
Ronson Steam Iron Ronson Sandwich Press
Ronson Sandwich Toaster Ronson Slow Cooker
Ronson Toaster Ronson Electric Shaver
Ronson Hair Dryer Ronson Hair Curler
Ronson Hair Clipper Ronson Toothbrush
Russell Hobbs Kettle Russell Hobbs Toaster
Samsung Washing Machine Samsung Vacuum Cleaner
Samsung Air-conditioner Samsung Fridge
Samsung Freezer Samsung Refrigerator
Sanyo Washing Machine Sanyo Microwave Oven
Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner Sanyo Air-conditioner
Sanyo Fridge Sanyo Freezer
Sanyo Refrigerator Sharp Washing Machine
Sharp Microwave Oven Sharp Vacuum Cleaner
Sharp Air-conditioner Sharp Fridge
Sharp Freezer Sharp Refrigerator
Simpson Clothes Dryer Simpson Washing Machine
Simpson Cooktop Simpson Wall Oven
Simpson Range Simpson Stove
Simpson Microwave Oven Simpson Rangehood
Simpson Dishwasher Simpson Fridge
Simpson Freezer Simpson Refrigerator
Speedqueen Clothes Dryer Speedqueen Washing Machine
Sunbeam Can Opener Sunbeam Deep Fryer
Sunbeam Electric Knife Sunbeam Food Processor
Sunbeam Frying Pan Sunbeam Hand Blender
Sunbeam Hand Mixer Sunbeam Kettle
Sunbeam Mixer Sunbeam Rice Cooker
Sunbeam Steam Iron Sunbeam Sandwich Press
Sunbeam Sandwich Toaster Sunbeam Slow Cooker
Sunbeam Toaster Sunbeam Electric Shaver
Sunbeam Hair Dryer Sunbeam Hair Curler
Sunbeam Hair Clipper Sunbeam Toothbrush
Smeg Cooktop Smeg Wall Oven
Smeg Range Smeg Stove
Smeg Microwave Oven Smeg Rangehood
Tifany Can Opener Tifany Deep Fryer
Tifany Electric Knife Tifany Food Processor
Tifany Frying Pan Tifany Hand Blender
Tifany Hand Mixer Tifany Kettle
Tifany Mixer Tifany Rice Cooker
Tifany Steam Iron Tifany Sandwich Press
Tifany Sandwich Toaster Tifany Slow Cooker
Tifany Toaster Toshiba Washing Machine
Toshiba Microwave Oven Toshiba Air-conditioner
Toshiba Fridge Toshiba Freezer
Toshiba Refrigerator Tefal Steam Iron
Vulcan Dishwasher Vulcan Hot Water System
Vax Vacuum Cleaner
Westinghouse Clothes Dryer Westinghouse Washing Machine
Westinghouse Cooktop Westinghouse Wall Oven
Westinghouse Range Westinghouse Stove
Westinghouse Microwave Oven Westinghouse Rangehood
Westinghouse Dishwasher Westinghouse Air-conditioner
Westinghouse Fridge Westinghouse Freezer
Westinghouse Refrigerator Whirlpool Clothes Dryer
Whirlpool Washing Machine Whirlpool Cooktop
Whirlpool Wall Oven Whirlpool Range
Whirlpool Stove Whirlpool Microwave Oven
Whirlpool Rangehood Whirlpool Dishwasher
Whirlpool Fridge Whirlpool Freezer
Whirlpool Refrigerator Wahl Hair Dryer
Wahl Hair Clipper

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